Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Register to Vote Remote-2012

On-Site Engineer Joseph tests out the connections
Dr. Jackie Stanfield talks with TWR Listeners!

Jon-David at the helm

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  1. Jon, I'm not sure what it's going to take but some way Americans are going to have to pressure Congress into impeaching this mad man. Everyday he does something a little more brazen. Releasing these five Taliban Terrorists for a Muslim Deserter was Treason and I'm sick and tired of signing petition after petition and nothing ever happens. Congress has completely closed their ears to what the people are saying. I get an email newsletter from Kay Granger and every week she talks about some new award Congress gave someone or some new minuscule law that nobody cares about all while the whole Nation is burning down.I'm so sick of the pandering and patting each other on the back while Obama fires all of the Generals, or he lets out 36,000 felons from Mexico. There are a million things he has done that has damaged our Nation and made life much harder for Americans to handle and Congress sits on their thumbs. Everyone from both parties should be removed and jailed for treason for allowing this crap to take place. They are all guilty of treason. If they don't do something soon, this Country will be finished. There will be a Civil War, you know that someday soon Obama is going to pass and executive order to make guns illegal. When he does this the Nation will explode.



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