Thursday, April 26, 2012

Find out about Voter Fraud

The Lake Dallas Tea Party brings in KURT HYDE, Co-Chair of The First National Symposium on Security and Reliability of Computers in the Electoral Process (1986). He is An Election History Expert, and a Systems Analysis Professor who writes for "The New American" magazine as an investigative Journalist. Professor Hyde is currently working on a new book outlining the complete history of the Electoral Process.

Tonight in the Lake Dallas Police Dept. Community Room
212 Main Street
Lake Dallas


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  1. To Wells Report

    Known as the Right to Work Law

    If you hold a job in the US; All 50 States; your employer must report this information on you or face a fine!!!
    $25 per Employee unreported
    $500 for Conspiring to not Report (Paying under the Table)

    Federal: Personal Responsibility and Work Oppertunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (42 U.S.C. 653a)
    State TX: State Directory of New Hires Act under Texas Law (Texas Family Code, Sect. 234.101 - 234.104)

    Texas Employer New Hire Reporting Operations Center.
    Texas Workforce Commission.

    Required Information:

    Company Name
    Company Address
    Company Federal Tax ID No.
    Employee's Social Security Card Name
    Employee's Social Security No.
    Employee's Address

    The justification for this is to prevent Welfare and Child Support Fraud.
    Done to aid the Courts in wage garnishment.

    This becomes a defacto Federal ID Database for ALL People working in America.
    "National ID System reported by State"

    Tell me they don't know about the Illegal Imigrants !!!



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