Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Houston VA Accused of Censoring Religious Speech

Houston VA accused of censoring religious speech

June 28, 2011, 9:40PM

Local veterans and volunteer groups accuse Department of Veterans Affairs officials of censoring religious speech — including the word "God" - at Houston National Cemetery.

In one example cited in documents filed this week in federal court, cemetery director Arleen Ocasio reportedly told volunteers with the National Memorial Ladies that they had to stop telling families "God bless you" at funerals and that they had to remove the words "God bless" from condolence cards.

"It's just unfair that somebody would ask us to take God out of our vocabulary," said Cheryl Whitfield, founder of Houston National Memorial Ladies.

"I could've kept my mouth shut and let things happen, but when it comes to standing up for your belief in God and giving comfort to the families, I don't want to regret not saying anything," Whitfield said. "We all had to stand up for what we believe in."
Read the entire article here.

JD wants you to take action if you feel inclined to do so.  Here's who you need to contact to share your displeasure with the decision Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio has made:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Secretary: Eric K. Shinseki
810 Vermont Avenue, NW, Room 1000
Washington, DC, 20420

Phone: (202) 273-4800

Fax: (202) 273-4877

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams moves from the US Senate Race into the new 33rd Congressional District Race.  He would serve the people of Arlington, South Fort Worth, portions of Wise County and all of Parker County.  He joins Jon-David at 5:05 this afternoon to announce the news!  Call with your thoughts 866-660-KSKY (5759)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Is Fox News out to get Presidential Hopeful Michele Bachman?

Jon-David discusses the possibility at 6p today.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Jon-David says to demand (in a courteous way, of course) that they pass HB 41 the way it is.  No gutting and get down there Friday and represent the people.  THE PEOPLE WANT THIS TO PASS AS IS.

Read the Bill here

Texas Legislature Online:

Find out who represents you:
Search by city, zip code, or address

Thanks to Debra Medina for having the courage to come forward and lead the charge by getting the information out to the People.  We Texans is a dedicated and chartered as a non-profit, non-partisan organization promoting public policy and legislation that advances and protects private property, personal and economic liberty, and the legitimate role of the states and their citizens within the framework of constitutional government. Through education and activism, We Texans will engage in research and analysis and strive to return accountability and freedom-minded principles, in accordance with the Texas and U.S. Constitutions, to the Texas legislature and her citizenry.

Find Debra's report on the bill here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jon-David Wells sits down with D-Day Vets today to mark the 64th Anniversary

WWII vets mark D-Day anniversary in Normandy

More than 40 World War II veterans are to gather Monday on the French coast with American and French officials to rededicate a reopened monument to the D-Day invasion.

It was 67 years ago — on June 6, 1944 — that U.S. Army Rangers climbed the cliffs on a mission that Gen. Omar Bradley called the most dangerous assignment of the invasion.

The monument to the Rangers and German observation bunker it sits upon had been closed to the public for a decade because of safety concerns from decades of cliff erosion. A nearly $5 million project of the American Battle Monuments Commission stabilized the cliff and the bunker.

Read more here.

Jon-David hosts Leland Burns author of Jump Into The Valley of the Shadows along with Vergil Anderson, a PFC when he entered Normandy via parachute.  Commanding Officer of the 508th 2nd Battalion Headquarters Company during the Normandy fighting.  Also, Rock Merritt who jumped with the 508th PIR on D-Day as a corporal in the 1st Battalion.  We celebrate and remember those who served and still serve to keep this nation free.

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