Friday, May 18, 2012

Jon-David Wells at Main Street Days in Grapevine!

Food, Fun, and The Wells Report!  Yes, all of those things go together!  Come out and say hello to Jon-David or better yet, step up to the Freedom Mic and let your voice be heard!  The City of Grapevine is unveiling a brand spanking new Clock Tower with a gun fight between would-be train robbers!  The fun starts at 5P this evening with Leigh Lyons, Communications Manager for Main Street Days.  She and Jon-David will be your tour guide so tune in to 660 KSKY!  For more Info click here.


  1. I cannot find anywhere to leave comments. I just wanted to comment on your interview with Richard Fisher of the Dallas FED. You were bashing on those that invest in gold... I suggest you read this so you don't sound like such an ingnorant jackass in the future, at least on this topic.

  2. Correction: ignorant not ingnorant

  3. Hi J D long time listener here , please get retired Lieutenant Colonel Wes Riddle on your show. He made the runoff for CD 25 and is in my opinion the best Man running for office in the great state of Texas, you have a lot of listeners in the district which is comprised of Bosque, Burnett, Coryell, Erath, Hamilton, Hill, Western Hays, Johnson, Lampasas, Somervell, Western Travis, Parts of Bell and Tarrant, contact info here, We need Congressmen like him in Washington yesterday! Best regards, - Daniel in Coryell County

  4. If anyone is interested, here's how I think we can "fix" Congress...(overview):

    1. Set all Congressional salaries at the national yearly average (somewhere around $48,000/yr). If that average goes up, guess what, Congress gets a raise. If it goes down, they actually take a cut.

    2. With technology as it is today, Congresspeople should be present in their own districts, in their own states, most of the time. This can be a partial justification for #1. This way, some Congress members do not have to maintain two residences. They could travel to D.C. once a month or so to vote on legislation. Oh, and you're flying coach, by the way.

    3. Flat-rate corporate tax rate of 20-25% for corporations that make over $X amount. This alone could generate billions a year in "revenue" (as our liberal friends like to call it).

    4. Allow for a public comment period (both online and via toll-free number) for legislation. Have Congress acknowledge that they have, indeed, read the comments (i.e. "listened to the people").

    5. Eliminate potential conflicts of interests (including lobbying). You're supposed to be "representing the people", not special interests.

    6. Make all voting records public. See if they're putting their money where their mouths are.

    7. All Congresspeople must sign a written affirmation that they have read and understand legislation before they vote on it. No more "We have to pass it to see what's in it" (Pelosi DID say this).

    8. Same with the Constitution. I have a feeling that a LOT of R's and D's in Congress wouldn't know the Constitution if it bit them on the ass.

    9. Certain pieces of legislation (although I haven't decided which ones) should be considered for "public vote" (i.e. put on a ballot), before they are moved forward with in Congress.

    This is off the top of my head, and I think it's a start.

  5. Around 6:30 tonight I heard JD and and a slower talking version of Ann Coulter say how it was going to be like 1980.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!



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