Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Wells Report on the Road Tomorrow Dec 5th!!

Jon-David broadcasts live from the Greater Dallas Republicans Christmas Party!

Tomorrow, December 5th find him at Cantina Laredo in Addison.

He will be joined by:

The Honorable Tincy Miller
Former Chairman of Texas State Board of Education

The Honorable Maurine Dickey
Dallas County Commissioner

The Honorable Joyce Howard Pittman
First Elected Councilwoman in the City of Irving

Debra Medina
Former Candidate for Texas Governor
Executive Director of We Texans

Special Entertainment with Angela Blair
Singer, Actress and producer

Get more Info here.

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  1. I have no sympathy for Herman Cain. Here's a man who said if you are poor, it's your fault. He also said he would build a electric fence to kill. He thought of himself better than people who considered themselves as African Americans instead of black (there's no difference). Big Daddy Cain said the Democrat Party brainwashed black people (yeah, the republicans are so endearing considering Slick Rick undercut Cain's campaign). He told Harry Belafonte, he left the 'plantation' along time ago. He don't trust Muslim Americans and believed they didn't have the right to practice their religion (their 1st Amendment right) in Tennessee. Funny when Slick Rick dropped the bomb on the Cain Train, Cain cried racism. Based on Cain's previous statement, I thought Cain didn't believe in racism.

    Herman Cain never wanted to be president. Herman Cain wanted to use his campaign as a jumpoff (pun intended) to sell his books. Remember, when other candidates were giving speeches in battleground states, Cain was selling his books on the other side of the country. When Cain's numbers went up, he had an "Oh snap moment" and really thought he could be president.

    Just like you said about poor people, it's your fault Big Daddy Cain. You can't control yourself or your women. You had no choice but to quit. More than likely, there are more women.



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