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Veteran Needs a Job-Can You Help?

Shawn Tho Marshall

 Emily Lane

Seagoville, Texas  75159
Mobile: (817) 600-7872

Summery of Work Experience

Dates Employed / Job / Title & Company

12/2005 – Present / Health Care Specialist / EMT (68W) /  US Army (Reserve Status)
Job Duties
Non-Commissioned Officer/E-6, (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician certified (National Registry), (PHTLS) Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support and BLS (Basic Life Support) Certified. Conduct current medical training applications and responsibilities of unit materials and personnel. Completed two recent Back-to-Back Tours of Duty in Iraq; 2008-2010.
DD 214 Honorable Discharge. Took on responsibilities of EMT/ER NCOIC, Hospital Assistant Chief Ward Master, Troop Medical Clinic Shift Leader/Squad Leader, Combat Life Support NCOIC Instructor.

02/2007 – Present / Security Alarm Technician / Dallas Security Systems
Job Duties
Installation and programming Security Alarms and Security access in both residential and business structures. Low voltage electrical work.

09/2005 – 01/2007 / 2nd Shift Supervisor; Security Officer / Allied Barton Security (Former: Initial Security)
Job Duties
Monitor and control security access within building. Administration duties working with computer software; Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel programs. Maintain physical presence in and out of the facility and reporting possible safety hazards.

07/21/2006 – 10/14/2006 / Guard-Driver / Dunbar Armored Inc.
Job Duties
(Part-time Job) Operate large and small armored vehicles. Shared responsibilities transporting and safe-guarding clientele assets; ranging anywhere from one dollar to 50 million dollars in value.

10/2000 – 06/2005 / Medical Specialist / EMT (91W) / US Army (Active Duty)
Job Duties
Medical Specialist (91W); certified EMT. Deployed into Operation Iraqi Freedom 2; March 2004 – March 2005. (PLDC; Sergeant School) Primary Leadership Development Course Graduate. DD 214 Honorable Discharge; Code 1. Maintained responsibilities and accountabilities of over 3 million dollars worth of Class 8; medical supply, and military personnel.

09/1999 – 10/2000 / 3rd Shift Stocker           / Wal-Mart
Job Duties
Stocking store merchandise and maintaining inventory of merchandise and services.

11/1998 – 10/2000 / Sergeant; Supervisor / American Investigations and Security
Job Duties
Armed Security Sergeant/Patrol Supervisor for approximately 13 guards. Conducted routine patrols and secured clientele assets.

Schools / Education

Ironwood High School
6051 West Sweetwater Avenue
Glendale, Arizona  85304
(623) 486-6400
Everest College
6060 North Central Expressway Ste 101
Dallas, Texas 75206
(214) 234-4850
Skills / Trades
Skill                                                                Skill Level                Last Used     Experience
ASP Baton Certified                                   Beginner                  8yrs.              10yrs.
Combat Medic Badge                                n/a                            Current         6yrs.
CPR Certified                                               Basic                        Current         10yrs.
Drivers Badge                                             Expert                      Current         10yrs.
(Military HUMMVE and 5 Ton Truck)
National Registry EMT Certified             Basic                         Current         10yrs.
Pistol Marksmanship                                Basic-Intrmed        Current         10yrs.
(Military and Civilian)
Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support        Basic                         Current         6yrs. 
(Military PHTLS)
Tactical Rifle; 556 NATO                           Intermediate         Current         6yrs.
(Military and Private Security)
Concealed Handgun Licensed                Basic                        Current         4 yrs.
Security License (Non-Commissioned) Level 1                   Expired          2 yrs.
Security Alarm Technician Installer      Basic                        Current         3 yrs.
Combat Life Support Instructor            Instructor               Current         5yrs.

Colleen ReichertsMAJ
Home: ( 972 ) 395-0513

Gerilyn Seiter
Mobile: (972) 220-9024
SSG Nakia Roddy
Work: (972) 287-0971

Chaplain Jeremiah Snyder
Mobile: (214) 274-5050

Additional Information
Have had approximately 10 years of various security experience; armed and unarmed. Certified with ASP baton, OC pepper spray, stun gun (X26), tactical rifle, tactical shotgun, and tactical pistol; through military and private law enforcement companies. Have been licensed as an armed guard and unarmed guard in both Arizona, Ohio and Texas. Recently obtained a Texas Concealed Handgun License. Attended and completed Ohio Private and Police Institute; certifying in Tactical rifle, shotgun and pistol. Also attended and completed Ohio Private Police Institute training classes; CQB, ASP Baton and OC pepper spray, Tactical Rifle programs. Also licensed thru Texas Department of Public Safety as a Security Alarm Technician and a Texas Concealed Handgun License Carrier,

During March 2004 thru March 2005; was deployed with the 1st Calvary Division into Operation Iraqi Freedom 2; attached to Bravo Company 1st Calvary 8th Regiment as Senior Medic. During the period of March 2008 thru January 2010; was deployed into Iraq with a Combat Support Hospital and Troop Medical Clinic. Voluntarily extended Tour of Duty in Iraq. Currently licensed: National Registry Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Advanced Cardio Life Support (ACLS), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS).

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