Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michael Reagan joins The Wells Report to discuss Colonel Gaddafi's Death

Links to several stories about the death of the deposed Dictator of Libya.  Some may contain video.  Please consider before viewing.

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  1. We should move the U.S. military base in Germany to Iraq.

    That base is there because German leaders had twice tried to turn the world up-side down within the span of a few decades. 70 years latter, with the EU if full bloom, the Europeans are learning to get along and setting there differences without trying to kill each other, and dragging the rest of the world into it. The base in Germany has accomplished it's Purpose.

    Today, the people most focused on trying to turn the world up-side down through killing people around the world are based in the middle east. The only way we can help them know this is unacceptable is for us to do the same thing we did in Germany. Setup camp and stick around until a new generation is raised up by another generation that wasn't directly involved in today's turmoil. In other words, we need to expect to be in the Middle east for another 70 years, if we expect to have U.S. and current European style Democratic-Republics and freedoms where people can settle their differences without killing each other and dragging the rest of the world into it.



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