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Concerned citizen Pete O. has started a website that allows you to print a letter to send to your Representative to let them know their employer YOU does not want to see the debt ceiling raised.  Get on this right away by printing out the letter here and mailing it off.  Take the bull by the horns and get this done!  Pete's website also helps you find the mailing address for your Rep.  Check for that here.  If you would like to read the letter before you download it, here you go:

To the President, Vice President, Cabinet Members, House Of Representatives, and the Senate:

You are all aware of the perilous condition that you and your predecessors have put our country into. Disregard to the constitution, horrible violations to civil liberties, gross misappropriations of funds, reckless spending, disgusting abuse of power, and the tragic destruction of a capitalistic society. This has happened on YOUR watch. You either made it, or let it happen. You new comers accepted the job under the condition of changing it, and so far have been unsuccessful.

The national debt is over 14 trillion dollars, the deficit almost 1.5 trillion. Over 20 million Americans are either unemployed, or under employed. Those of us left working are choking to death on rising costs, due to your immoral bullying through taxation and regulation on small businesses. We wouldn’t have another dime to give if we wanted to, and you’re considering raising the debt ceiling?  Would you help an alcoholic by giving him another drink?

As mentioned, there is already a deficit. I am sure that out of 1.3 trillion dollars you can find SOMETHING to get rid of if you really need more money. The American people have already given you an example of what to do by cutting their own budgets to bare bones, and you act like a 5 year old on a sugar high holding his hand out for another cookie!

You act as if you are entitled to our money. It’s yours to spend however you like, and when you run out, you can just print it, or demand more. Money is a control mechanism for you, and WE THE PEOPLE are getting sick and tired of it. You have set a standard of rewarding failure and not promoting success. This is backwards thinking, and exactly the opposite of what made this country great.

You ignored our demands when we told you to stop bailing out the banks. Half a trillion dollars spent in order to sweep countless mistakes under the rug, and where did it get you? Countless corporate criminals, and deeper in debt.

You turned a deaf ear to the people you serve when you crammed the biggest, most unconstitutional piece of health care legislation ever down our throats. What was the quote? “We have to vote on it so we can read it.” I assume you are willing to write me a blank check and sign it so that I can enter the amount afterwards.

You are currently injuring and killing American heroes on multiple battle fronts all in the name of American Imperialism, at a cost of trillions of dollars to the people. I thought the President ran on bringing the troops home, not extending them further, and waging unconstitutional wars. I’ve heard the rhetoric about human rights, but consider this: I read a great book one time that asked, “Why do you worry about the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye, and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye… You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” In other words, we need to help ourselves before we can help others.

As if that’s not enough, I now have to be sexually violated to get on a plane. Whatever happened to, “The land of the free and the home of the brave?” Where does it stop? Exactly how much money are you spending to protect us from ourselves? This list could go on and on to include the EPA. NEA, ATF, FEMA, FDA, The Department of Energy, and countless other agencies, including but not limited to CIA,FBI, the IRS, and even the FED. In fact, seeing as how a vacation is not even on the horizon for most Americans, maybe the President can show some respect by cutting out his shenanigans. Stop the insanity!

You continually tax the working man to support the non-working, and I understand the jobless are in dire straits. But why are you punishing those of us left who still have jobs? Let’s use some common sense. You can do NOTHING from behind your desk. You say the answer is in job creation, but that’s not the truth. Your job is to back off and allow an opportunity for us to create jobs. No taxation without representation. If less money was stolen from my paycheck every week in the form of taxation and regulation on the places where I shop, as well as deregulation of the dollar, I would have more money to be able to support the economy. There’s your job creation strategy.

At this time, I’m not even sure you can pay off the interest, let alone the current debt. Why would you even fathom this atrocity? Your problem is not only with your agenda, but it is also a math problem. One that can easily be solved with third grade math skills. We are beyond the time for

President Obama’s “scalpel,” or even senator McCain’s “hatchet.” You have now fooled around enough that it’s time for the chainsaw. Stop chasing your own agenda, stop the country’s bleeding, and do what is right. You want bipartisan? Use a calculator, and realize this is not going to work.

I want to thank you for getting one thing right. This mindless destruction of the American economy and American society has created an awakening. We no longer sit around and just trust that you will take care of us. The beast has arisen, and we will not take this fight sitting down. In fact the phrase that comes to mind is, “A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.” On Main Street, if you don’t do your job right, you get fired. Don’t forget many of you are up for re-election in a few short months, and you too will be standing in the unemployment line. This could be your last chance to get it right.

Signed, your employers,

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