Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WELLS REPORT BINGO!!! Download your Wells Report Bingo Card Here

If you come out to the Feedstore B-B-Q you can play Wells Report Bingo and win great prizes!!  If you're staying home you can still download a card or 2 and play but you can't win any fabulous prizes!  :(  No big deal though, just knowing you love to be with us for 3 hours a day is enough.  http://www.feedstorebbq.com/

PLAY! PLAY! FABULOUS WELLS REPORT BINGO!  DOWNLOAD A CARD HERE AND "X" MARKS THE SPOT!  You get one free space from The Obama Administration and that's all you get so use it or lose it!  And if you make bingo give us a call and shout it out on the air!  Celebrate with us!

Download Card 1 here
Download Card 2 here
Download Card 3 here
Download Card 4 here
Download Card 5 here


  1. JD This is Vrod Todd. I need your help. For a man who is in need. His name is David Hall, He is the Belliader for the replica of the Liberty Bell that has been all over the U.S.A. In honor of Our KIA;S Please Check out the Web-site Northsideride.com and let me know if you can do anything to help a man who deserves the helping hand of our community.. With Respect... VRODTODD

  2. Vrod Todd, E-mail me, I am Jon-David's Producer. Need to speak with you about this. Want to get on board with it. vickis@ksky.com or 214.561.9123



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