Monday, March 28, 2011

Pics from Space as seen by Astronaut Douglas Wheelock

NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock who is currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) shares pictures of the Earth he snaps with the world through Twitter.  Known to his nearly 68,000 Twitter followers as Astro_Wheels, he has been posting impressive photos of the Earth and some of his thoughts ever since he moved into the space station in June, five months after it got Internet access.

Greek islands on a clear night during our flight over Europe. Athens shine brightly along the Mediterranean Sea.

'Mystery Island' ...located in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar. Interesting features on the island and the unusual shape should be enough to help you discover this beautiful place.
 Northern lights in the distance in one of the finest nights over Europe. The photo clearly shows the Strait of Dover. Paris is dazzling with the city lights.  A little fog over the western part of England, particularly over London.
 The moon is breathtaking.
 At a speed of 28,163 kilometers per hour (8 kilometers per second), we rotate the Earth's orbit, making one revolution every 90 minutes, and watch sunsets and sunrises every 45 minutes. So half of our journey is
in darkness. For the work we use lights on our helmets.

Another spectacular sunset. We see 16 such sunsets each day, and each of them is really valuable.

Beautiful atoll in the Pacific Ocean, photographed using 400mm lens. Approximately 1930 km south of Honolulu.

Morning over the Andes in South America. I do not know for sure the title of this peak, but was simply amazed by her magic, stretching to the sun and wind tops.

The flash of color, movement and life on the canvas of our amazing world. This is part of the Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia, photographed through the lens of 1200 mm.
 Of all the places of our beautiful planet few can rival the beauty and richness of colors in the Bahamas. In this photo, our ship is seen against the backdrop of the Bahamas.

Astronaut Douglas Wheelock

Jon-David's Dad worked at Misson Control in the 60's and imparted the importance of the Space Program.  The Wells Report supports the Astronauts who have served and are currently serving.  It is a career that brings more than  a paycheck.  It brings a lifetime of memories, fills the pages of science textbooks and fills the minds of our youth with the idea to dream and expolore, even if their feet never leave the ground.

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