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Pastor Broden and WFAA-the audio and press release below.

Broden on population control, Nazis and revolution

Edited news clip

New Video of ‘Violent Overthrow’ Comments Suggests Candidate Right About ‘Context’

Unedited clip

Pastor Broden Responce



Prolonged Discussion of Declaration of Independence and Historical Foundations of U.S. Explain Broden’s Remarks

DALLAS, October 27 – On Tuesday, under pressure from Stephen Broden supporters to back up the context of media reports last week, WFAA-Channel 8 released the full video of Broden’s interview with Brad Watson. The full footage confirms Broden’s position that his remarks were misrepresented, and that the disputed discussion was historical and philosophical in nature.  Broden’s comments centered around the Declaration of Independence. In the interview, he stated that “I’m only referring to the language that is in the Declaration that says we have a right to alter, to adjust the government or abolish it.”

At no time did Broden advocate, as some media reports have indicated, that violent revolution would be acceptable if Republican candidates did not win in November. Broden stated during the interview, “I think what we have in the Constitution is a process through which we can alter what may be tyranny that is happening in our nation. At the ballot box.” He later elaborated, “I’ve always said that, that we are not at the point of abolishment. We are at the point of alteration [of the government through electoral change].”

Nevertheless, Broden was asked eight separate times by Watson if he advocates violent revolution. Broden
repeatedly answered that we have a constitutional option to change our leaders at the ballot box.  Perhaps most ironic is that Broden predicted that his historical discussion of the Declaration of Independence in its own language could be unfairly used against him, but still trusted Watson to handle his comments honorably:

Watson: Do you think that some of your remarks could hurt you in this election, particularly with the electorate in this District?

Broden: If it is not given the context and if someone like you would, would lift it out and make it seem as if I am some kind of radical, I think it could potentially, could potentially, but I think if people are fair …

At the end of the interview, Broden noted that “revolution, that is a very incendiary word and it could be used to uh, as a negative … [but that] … we are not at the point of abolishment. We are at the point of alteration.”

Immediately prior to making that statement, the following exchange occurred:

Watson: But you’re saying if we have a constitutional remedy, which would be at the ballot box, and the framers said if that don’t work revolution, what do you mean by revolution? Do you mean a violent overthrow of the government?

Broden: It doesn’t have to be violent at all. It could happen at the ballot box when we change out our leadership.

Pastor Stephen Broden is the Republican nominee for Congressional District 30 running against Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX).

For Broden’s video response to the WFAA interview, visit

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