Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today on The Wells Report Wednesday September 1, 2010

Dave Champion joins J-D to talk about his new book: Income Tax:Shattering the Myth.  Dave will also talk about some of the current border issues since he did some time in East LA with a gang unit.  Also, Would you pay to use the HOV lanes?  Dallas is considering letting single drivers pay a fee to use the HOV.  And Chuck Morse will be here.  He says there is a definite connection between being a Nazi and being a terrorist.  1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

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  1. JD, really like your show. Enjoyed hearing Dave Champion discuss the Mexican drug cartels and what his solutions might be. But I was also very interested in hearing him discuss his new book on the income tax. I have read the book (as well as others, by other authors), and it is incredibly eye opening. It is very well written. Dave's personal face to face dealings with IRS agents, prominent tax accounting firms, and myriads of naysayers, on the question of WHO THE TAX HAS BEEN IMPOSED UPON, none of which can give straightforward answers to Dave's simple appeal to the tax code itself. It really is not some bizarre, wacked out interpretation. It is simple, honest reading of the tax code. You really owe it to your listeners to read his book carefully, and thoughtfully. I honestly believe, the IRS and the income tax are the greatest present dangers to our freedoms and liberties by far. If the government can tax our labor, they are taxing US. If they are taxing US, then we are slaves, mere chattel. I hope you will read Dave's book, with undivided attention, and have Dave back on for a FULL HOUR, because he will need that much time to do justice to it.



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