Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today on The Wells Report Thursay September 30, 2010

The mighty McDonald's has announced they would drop health care for nearly 30,000 workers and once the Wall Street Journal reported it, they retracted and the attacks on WSJ began.  It's gettin' hairy and why wouldn't companies drop their health care if they don't need it anymore?  Who cares what YOU want, the Government will cover you.  Hmmm...there's something wrong with that philosophy.  Congressman Devin Nunes from California will drop in to talk about his new book Restoring the Republic: A Clear, Concise and Colorful blueprint for America's Future.  He can also answer your questions about the new GOP agenda.  Pastor Stephen Broden has received the highly sought after Sarah Palin endorsement.  Will it help?  We will ask him tonight on The Wells Report.  1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

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