Friday, September 10, 2010

Today on The Wells Report Friday September 10, 2010

SUPER TRIVIA!  LAST CHANCE TO WIN YOUR TICKETS TO RECLAIMING AMERICA!!  Beat on the old noggin to get the wheels spinning!  If for some reason you are not as smart as people led you on to believe, you can always buy your tickets at They start at $18.  Just remember, we think you're super smart because you listen to KSKY.  So tell a friend and get to the phone!

Dallas magnet schools want kids who don't meet the criteria to get into the magnet another chance.  Isn't that lowering the standards just a bit?  Also, legislation is being pushed forward for a statewide smoking ban.  Smoke 'em while you still got 'em.  Peggy Venable from Americans For Prosperity says no way to a state wide ban.  Our rights are still ours right?  Right?  Bueller...Bueller....
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