Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today on The Wells Report Wednesday August 25, 2010

Dallas City Council is considering a tax hike to make up for the budget shortfall.  Are you willing to pay more taxes?  Get in touch with your City Council person and let then know you don't want to pay anymore taxes!  J-D tells you how.  Also, Rep. John Boehner wants Obama to fire his Economic team.  VP Joe Biden bites back.  Find out what Biden said.  Also a Dallas based private school has turned away a lesbian couples daughter.  Did they do the Christian thing?  1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

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  1. Most city tax increases are not what people think. They're not as high as federal taxes you see taken out of your check. They're as low as a penny and even lower at times. One city in Denton country increased sales taxes only 1/4 of one penny. And it's generally not all taxes in a city that are increased, there are different taxes. I understand the fear of the word "Tax Increase" but don't let city municiple tax increases scare you or anger you. The city that increased their taxes 1/4 of 1 penny generated 3 million dollars EXTRA in revenue at the end of the year wich helped improve and build parks, something the people voted for. Also.. try thinking past that brick wall of stubborness... if your sales taxes are increased, that means everybody who comes in your city also contributes which is a help for all city budgets. It's not just Dallas citizens paying. You benefit from outside people who travel through Dallas, stay at the hotels, visit, etc. etc.
    Lastly, all cities have been known to lower tax rates many times. It's not like the Electric Companies who never decrease their rates even if oil costs go down. There's something you should focus your show on. Quit getting distracted so easily by flashy lights and things that don't matter.
    A CONSERVATIVE , right thinking, city employee that is against some city spendings, but knows when not to lose his temper at things that are just silly. It's like some of you want to be upset about something.



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