Monday, August 30, 2010

Today on The Wells Report Monday August 30, 2010

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson is in some hot water this afternoon.  According to she has been steering some scholarship money towards relatives.  Not the proper way to handle things, but then again, I guess it's who you know.  J-D talks with Pastor Stephen Broden who is running against Congresswoman Johnson.  Also, Our fearless leader has decided to get the United Nations involved in the Border Wars.  He sited Senate Bill 1070 as being inhumane.  What?  Since when is it inhumane to want the laws already on the books enforced?  If they are not being enforced, why is it inhumane to draft new ones to get the job done?  And Dan Britton from The Fellowship for Christian Athletes drops by to talk about Coach John Wooden.  Name the coach that changed your life? 1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

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  1. Dear Mr. Wells,
    Those of us who ride public transit also avail ourselves of television and radio, in order to know when NOT to ride the rails (say for instance, because the track has been damaged). To say that only 1,500 people ride the TRE from Ft. Worth to Dallas (and Dallas to Fort Worth) per the entire work day everyday shows a lack of knowledge on your part. Come ride with the 6-8 of us who get on the 6:46 AM train from Centerport/DFW to the ITC station before judging us, please.

    K. Curry



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