Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today on the Wells Report Wednesday July 21, 2010

5p-So Shirley Sherrod was giving an example?  I guess so, the NAACP, USDA, The White House, the 'white' farmer, AND HIS WIFE has come to her defense.  Is this story a result of gotcha journalism?
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6p-Lawmakers urging Supreme Court to uphold Arizona immigration law, nine of them were from Texas. 
J-D talks with Senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee Rep. Lamar Smith of San Antonio.

Also, Are the Dems putting all their political eggs in the Hispanic vote basket?  The White House says YES!  If the Republicans don't ease up on their Illegal Immigration they say Texas will become a 'purple' state instead of a bright and shiny red one. 1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

7p-A Mississippi teen was denied the opportunity to attend the prom with a same-sex date.  The prom was cancelled so she enlisted the ACLU and won $35,000 out of the whole deal.  If you were a super intendent for an ISD, what you do? 1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

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  1. Its to bad you cut me off, but be that as it may. Your point of bad reporting is still off the mark. Your example of a Politician being given bad information is pointless. The NAACP held all the information. Then to claim that they were duped by someone who only gave them half the information is foolish. Second she was fired before FOX NEWS aired the show... then to blame Fox News for there bad reporting is also wrong. JD, there is such a thing as timing. Unfortunately the USDA reacted long before any investigation from order for the White House... then . The NAACP held all the information but refused to look at it and chastised the women, then they claimed they were duped by someone else who only had clips. And they really missed Glenn Beck, for he was on her side as well.

    Timing JD... TIMING... its a set up and you are the one being fooled.

    Brightbart did not make a point about her comments or her redemption. Her story was 24 years old.. but the NAACP's story and the members is today. Where is their pivot point?

    Dan Hoppe
    Aubrey Texas.



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