Friday, July 16, 2010

Today on the Wells Report Friday July 16, 2010

5p-Plano is considering an addition to their fair city.  A HOMELESS SHELTER!  Mayor Phil Dyer will chat with J-D and explain why a homeless shelter will make Plano better. 1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

6p-Congressman Michael Burgess stops by to talk about energy efficiency and conservation.  He is taking part in an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Summit in Lewisville at Lake Dallas High School.  Here's the low down details:

Saturday July 17th from 8:30a until Noon
Lake Dallas High School
3016 Parkridge Road
Corinth, Texas 76120

7p-Recall Rumba!  Do the dance!  It seems like company after company is recalling something.  From cereal to washing machines, everything has a problem.  Where is the quality control department on this?  I think someone needs to blow out quality control and start over.  That way, someone might actually do ALL the tests needed before a product goes public.  Do the Hamster Dance! 1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

7:35P The Friday Flameout! Got a whine, moan, groan, gripe, grouse, kvetch, vexation, annoyance, grave displeasure with something that happened this week OR something that just plain made your skin crawl? GIVE IT TO US! GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST! DEVEX THINE SELF! With the Friday Flameout on KSKY at 1-866-660-KSKY (5759)

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