Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Listener Sound Off! Voter Registration

Our very own listener/patriot Margaret from Lewisville has some things to say and did so in front of the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee.
Here are some of the stats she threw out there to get their attention!
Voter Registration

Renewal Cost

There are 13,000,000 Registered Voters in Texas
Postage Minimum Bulk Rate 13.9¢
Processing, Supplies & Handling of Actual Cards
Estimated 15¢ per Card
Processing Cost (13,000,000 Reg. Voters X 28.9¢ = $3,757,000 every 2 years)
$11,271,000 of Cost over 6


1. Add Information to State Driver’s License/State ID
Certified Birth Certificate
Naturalization Papers
Provide Form for Voter Registration at time of Swearing in Ceremony
Or Renew Driver’s License at time of Naturalization
Green Card Or Visa


1. License can be scanned at polling center to cancel the privileges for that election therefore the same license cannot be used to vote twice.
2. Peace Officers can instantly verify someone’s immigration status or even if they are a felon by looking at the card.
3. No profiling necessary
4. Hologram provides added level of security against Forgery

Eliminating Unqualified Voters
Pass Regulation for Funeral Directors to Obtain and Return to State: Social Security Card and Driver’s License or State ID.
Convicted Felons
Precinct Number can be Cancelled at Time of Conviction and a hole punch through Precinct Number on License itself.
Fraudulent Voters / Disney Characters
Multiple Voting
Use 2 Envelopes for mail in votes:
Outside Envelope has Name and Precinct # - inside envelope has only Driver’s License # and Precinct #.

Margaret also brought up some side issues, and again she gives solutions.  Hmm...If only the government would follow her example.

Border Control

English as Official Language of State

Stop the Anchor Babies
1. At time birth or first contact with Doctor/Hospital inform them they have a choice.
2. Go Home to Have Baby
3. Have Baby Go Home
4. Leave the baby here with family or friends and go home
5.Take baby home with ID to return at age 18 as an American Citizen.

Pass a law for harboring illegal immigrants and fine them similar to the Employer Fine.

Pass a Law Prohibiting the Sale/Rental of Real Estate to illegal immigrants

Pass a Law like New Arizona Law.
If you want to see an example of the proposed drivers license on Facebook, check out Sam Houston's mug shot

You can reach Margaret at

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